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Google Places Optimisati

If you think that the internet is no use to my local business, then think again. 70% of all online searched are for local services or businesses.
Google recognised this and back in October 2010 they moved to a new set of rules and thousands upon thousands of businesses that were previously on the 1st page suddenly disappeared over night.  The change came because of the promotion of Google Places to provide results for anybody searching for local services.  You may have noticed a map with pins in it showing the location of the businesses if you have carried out a local search on Google recently.
Our Google Places Optimisation service guarantees a page 1 listing within 15 weeks and often much faster, sometimes as quick as 2 days!.
How much is all this going to cost?
A lot less than an advert in the Yellow Pages or Local Paper!
Google Places Optimisation Service  £350

What if I offer more specialist services?
Keysite Optimisation
Google Places works like any other directory, placing businesses into categories, but what if you specialise in a product or service within a category? For example you may be a builder in Bedford but you specailise in loft conversions, so somebody doing a Google search may type in “Loft conversions Bedford” rather than “Builders in Bedford”. Don’t worry, this is where our traditional SEO service can help. We can create a 2 page “keyword” website that we call a Keysite, that we will guarantee will rank on the first page for up to 9 keywords in the locations you specify!
Keysite Optimisation Service £450

Order both services £650